Commercial Strip Outs

Strip Outs for Construction & Internal Demolition

MTP Contracts provide complete strip out services for a variety of buildings, including commercial offices, public sector establishments and residential housing. We can perform a thorough internal demolition job, removing flooring, furniture, walls and other interior infrastructure.

Strip out services are perfect if a business is moving into new offices, there may need to be a re-working of the internal area, in order to implement a floor plan that suits the workforce.

For major commercial redevelopment projects, such as for retail centres or new office blocks, the land must be cleared for the building to begin. We supply expert site clearance across the West Midlands.

MTP are able to strip out and decommission warehouses required for storage or commercial purposes. This is a large job and requires a clear plan, something that our knowledgeable staff can integrate efficiently. Our friendly and informative staff who are capable of dealing with various types of commercial businesses and will complete any job asked of them.

In the public sector, we are available to work with schools, government buildings and medical facilities, being one of the most trusted strip out providers in the industry.

For residential purposes, if you want a house conversion such as garage conversion. It allows a client to get a better understanding of the space they have, meaning they can liaise on the layout and design of a new room with more clarity.

Our hard-working strip out experts are fully trained and reliable, ensuring all work is done in a timely manner without compromising excellent quality.

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