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More and more families are looking for garage conversion in Stourbridge. Garages are becoming increasingly unused due to the ease of residential street parking, so are collecting dust as large house annexes. But why waste that space as a glorified storage room.

Instead, garages can become an extension of your living space, to boost home life and give extra room to breathe, especially if your family is growing.

If you live in Stourbridge and want a garage conversion, then look no further than MTP Contracts. We have over 22 years of specialist experience in garage conversion, providing families with stylish, modern and reliable conversions to improve homes.

Garage Conversion Stourbridge Services That We Offer

MTP Contracts convert garages into direct extensions of your house. Many families want to expand their homes but lack the land for an extension. A dispensable garage has the foundations of an extension, all it requires is an interior make-over and connecting seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Garages can be transformed into a variety of options. For instance, a spare bedroom, new dining area, home office, kid’s den or cinema room. The choice is yours, but we have years of stored knowledge to guide you best depending on size of the space and how to integrate it with style of your home.

Garage conversion projects can be done efficiently as the architectural structure is already up. Meaning less disruption to your day-to-day home activities.

MTP offer affordable, competitive quotes for garage conversions. We are the leading conversion company across Stourbridge, supplying trusted and bespoke services for every customer.

We have received numerous acclaimed recommendations in our testimonials. Please have a read of them to illustrate the expert work we perform.

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